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Natural Building Workshops in Thailand winter 2014 – workshop details:

Clay Oven Workshop    5th and 6th February 2014 – Chiang Dao, Thailand


 At this workshop we’ll be building an oven for the Juergen and Mem – the master bakers of Chiang Dao! After completing this hands-on workshop you’ll have the confidence to build a clay oven in which to bake bread and pizzas, roasts and stews.


 You’ll learn how to:

  • design and build a foundation and base for your oven
  • assemble the materials required to build your oven
  • source and test your earth for the right clay content
  • build your oven through to the first firing
  • produce a set of oven tools


 Over the 2 day workshop:


  • finish an oven base
  • lay the hearth bricks
  • make the sand mould
  • build the oven dome itself


During the workshop we’ll look at the wider context of building with earth, and information will be provided covering what we’ve learnt, including opportunities and links for those who want to learn more.


 The workshop is run by Sally Francis who has 20 years on site experience and an MSc in building, energy and the environment.


She is based in Brighton in the UK, and runs EcoRefab which specializes in using natural materials in decorating, refurbishment and building.


Contact Sally: 

Cost:  £70 (including food)



For full information on all the workshops and how to get to Chiang Dao click on the links below.

Founder Sally Francis has 20 years on-site building experience and recently completed a masters in architecture in relation to energy and the environment. She is passionate about reducing the negative impact of construction and refurbishment on peoples health and the environment.